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Launching the Environment project in Al Walajah village


 There are many factors that pose significant risks to the environment in Al Walajah village. Because of this, the Environment unit at Lajee Center will continue working in the village from the 1st of October, 2017 until the 29th of September 2018. This project is funded by 1for3and Palestine foundationin partnership with the Water: Systems, Science and Society (WSSS)and the Environment Unit of Lajee Center.

 Due to the Israeli control over water sources and distribution in the village and due to the fact that much of Al awallajah is located in area C, Palestinians are restricted from doing any development in the village. This creates many challenges on improving the water quality in the village. One of the major challenges is the leek of the swage to the water network and cistern. The people in Al waalajah are not allowed to build infrastructure network for the swage waste. This forced the people to rely on cesspool to collect the sewage some of these cesspools overflowed and leaked to the water sources

Throughout the program, different activities will take place each week with a variety of guests, such as artists, experts, and environmental specialists. The project will be documented and covered by the media, along with local journalists. There will be educational field trips, and lectures/workshops about recycling, cultivation, and water testing.

The main goal of the project is to greatly expand opportunities for Al wallajah youths to learn about solving environmental problems in the village through their participation in an education program. It will engage youth to address the challenges through local-scale and hands-on activities and practices, lectures and workshops from local and international specialists, and educational fieldtrips. The summer camp will include both participants in Aida camp and Al wallajah village and will hold environmental activities.

The participants in the project: in the first month, the coordinator of the project will invite 18 participants from the village; their ages range between 14-16 years old. Also, sometimes the participants will come from the Environment unit in Aida camp. The students in the UNRWA schools in Al Wallajah: there will be activities for the students to learn about and raise awareness for the environmental issues. The residents in Al Wallajah village especially the women: there will be activities for the participants that include the women of the village.


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