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Three Late Night Arrests of the Zerina Family

Last night at 3:30am three residents from Aida Camp, Mohamad Zerina, his wife Laila Nasser Faraj and his son Musa Mohammad Musa, were taken from their home, arrested and brought to an unknown location. 

The intrusion of the Israeli Occupation Forces into Aida Camp at night in order to carry out home raids and arrests is the sad reality of living under Israeli Occupation and the arrest of the Zerina family represents the wider intimidation campaign used by the IOF to continue the occupation. 

Earlier that day land that the Zerina family legally owned in Bir Aouna had been destroyed for the third time by the ISF; this was land that the family depended and both for farming and for living space. This three time destruction of the Zerina family land came just after the demolition of the water purification plant which served the  land as well as the wider Bir Aouna area.

The daughter of the prisoner Mohamad Zerina, Fadwa Zerina was present throughout and described how a large number of soldiers raided and destroyed the land earlier that day. Later in the evening she states the soldiers came and attacked her parents and brother before arresting them and taking them away. Fadwa Zerina, the daughter is calling for the intervention from official bodies to release her parents and brother, so that they can return to Aida camp, rebuild their land and join her and her seven younger siblings.


Sadly, this is not an unusual occurrence in Aida Camp, and the late-night arrests and destruction of Palestinian land are part of a wider systematic policy of the occupation, which aims to expel Palestinians from the land and crush their spirit.

The Lajee centre aims to document life under occupation in Aida Camp and provide a platform through which  the younger generations can continue their struggle for rights, dignity and justice.


Photos Taken by Safia Qawar

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