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Equipment and data stolen from the Media Unit

Staff members arriving on Thursday morning, 5th December 2019, at the Lajee Center found the door of the Media Unit broken and equipment and hard disks has been taken away. The lock of the door was bust open in a brute way and cameras and a digital video recorder were stolen.

Beside the loss of equipment of high value, as well on monetary side and for the practical work and documentation,  the loss of data and files on the stolen hard disks hits the center hard. Some of the data can be restored from the backup-system, but not all files and records are saved.

In the early morning around 3am Israeli soldiers were seen in the camp and around the center. Lajee center was already invaded by Israeli forces more than three times in the past and computers and media equipment were confiscated before. In contrary to the recent one the previous attacks were conducted during daytime.  

The work of the center in documenting and publishing the ongoing violation of Palestinian rights and the impacts of the occupation therefore remains a very important task.


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