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Join “Friends of Lajee” today!

What is it?

Lajee Center has created ‘Friends of Lajee’, a group of people made of former volunteers, visitors, summer camp participants, and more generally, friends of the Center from around the world. ‘Friends of Lajee’ has been established as a support pillar for Lajee and will help coordinate future events, advocacy tours and other activities.

We hope as well that “Friends of Lajee” will become the basis for our new strategyof seeking private funding for the Center, as we are trying to become less dependent on institutional donors and rely more on individual donations for greater stability and independence as a Center.


Why Join?

Lajee Center has been severely affected by the current funding crisis that most Palestinian organizations are suffering from. The current political landscape has resulted in an unfavorable scenario for all the centers and organizations working to realize the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people. This situation has left Lajee in a very difficult financial situation. While we still have some funds, they are allocated to specific projects we continue to implement, and consequently, since January 2018 the Lajee staff is only receiving a percentage of its salaries.


For now, our projects and activities will continue as before, as the staff has agreed to continue working on a voluntary basis, but we do not know how long we will be able to continue this way. These circumstances have made us reflect on our overall funding strategy, and we have decided that a change is necessary if Lajee is not only to survive this crisis, but to flourish and achieve its full potential.


We believe private fundingis the best strategy on our way forward. This system will provide us with more stability, moving away from short- and medium-term projects, conditional grants and the ongoing uncertainty of whether they will be renewed. More importantly, it will provide us with the independence to implement the activities our community needs and wants.


Friends of Lajee will receive a monthly newsletter with a summary of Lajee’s activities, updates and photos.


How to join?

The process of becoming a member of ‘Friends of Lajee’ is simple!  See Bellow to donate.

First of all you will fill in your personal information. This is for us to know who is part of ‘Friends of Lajee’. We promise you that this personal data will be securely stored and will not be shared with any third parties.

Then you will be given the option to choose a membership fee. As we are aware that not everyone has the same means or capacity to provide financial support, we give each member the option to choose how much they would like to contribute per month. The fee can range from a few Euros/Dollars to 20, 50, 100… it is up to each person to decide how much they can and want to contribute.

Choose a payment method. You will be given different payment options, choose the one most convenient for you.


If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us at:



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Donation Information

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