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Members of Lajee center’s music unit this month have been practicing new pieces of music on different instruments including the Qanun, violin, rhythm (Drum instruments) and Oud. The children are practicing and learning musical theory so they can play and read musical notes.


With many hours of classes and training, the children got the chance to play music in front of a Glaswegian delegation who had visited the center. Each of the children played a different piece, and so they became more confident with their work and got the energy to keep learning.





Name: Ansam Al-Azzeh

Grade: 8

Original town: Beit Jibreen, Hebron


This month, I learned new types of music, including Maqam Al-Hijaz, Maqam al-Ajam, Maqam Al-Bayyat, Maqam Al-Nahawand, Maqam Al-Kurd and others. I learned to play Fayrouz songs as well. In addition, I took musical theory lessons. The lessons   were   fun because my mentor was encouraging and made us learn through games from which I gained a lot of new information that I did not know before.


I'm currently taking two classes per week where we learn new pieces and read new notes, but sometimes we face difficulties with the Qanun instrument because it is old and not in good condition, so we asked Lajee to provide us with another one. In addition, sometimes I cannot get to the training sessions at the center because of the Israeli soldiers and teargas, but I always try to make it to the center half an hour before class so I guarantee being there.


Name: Raghad Al-Ajarma

Grade: 7

Hometown: Ajjour, Hebron


Hometown: Ajjour, Hebron

I am training to play the Oud and have been in the Lajee musical unit for two years now. The past few months have been very beneficial, we got to travel and play for foreign audiences in Britain & Ireland for a month. I was very happy to be chosen to represent the Lajee musical unit; however, we wish to be able to play music as a team in and outside of Palestine. We also would like to thank the funders for their trust in us, and we hope that they can provide us with more support.


At the moment, I can perfectly play the songs:

Sahar Al-Layali- Fayrouz

Wein ‘A Ramallah- Traditional Palestinian music

Sheddu El-Hemmeh- Marcel Khalifeh

Nassam Alayna Al-Hawa - Fayrouz

Allamouni- Fayrouz

Mili Mili


Fog Alnakhel


In each song, I was introduced to a new musical rhythm. The free of charge music classes at Lajee are an opportunity for any talented child to learn the global language of music, a project that we need to grow and expand.


Name: Batool Hammad

Grade: 7



I have been learning music at Lajee for a year and a half now. I play the violin, practice at home and have two hours of classes at the center every week. We played individually and as a band in front of international audiences who visited Lajee and were kind enough to gift me a new violin instead of the old one that I had.


Name: Shahd Oweiss



I joined the musical unit when they were on the second semester, and even though the band had already started learning songs that are not easy to play, our mentor was very encouraging and helped me play every day until I mastered the pieces. Now I can control the notes and play very well.

I can also read notes after taking theory classes; I enjoy reading notes even when the street outside the center is filled with teargas. We would be learning music inside and playing games.


Lately, I played for an audience from Glasgow and it was very enjoyable.


Name: Mustafa Hammad

Grade: 8



I have been playing the Tabla for two years and learning new rhythms. Lately we have been mixing between the Tabla and Tambourine, and I play along with the Oud or Qanun. I played during several ceremonies including mother's day celebration and I would like to expand my knowledge.


Name: Waad Al-Dibs

Grade:  13 yrs

Hometown: Bait Nattif, Hebron


I can say that I am still in the moderate level in music but I want to i would like to become better at it.



Rowayda Al-Azzeh                


Hometown: Beit Jibreen

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